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Making Theatre is a gathering of ideas about how theatre is made, especially on the fringe. In each episode, I will interview someone exciting (a director, a designer, a producer and so on – I won’t list every possible person I will be interviewing) about how they do what they do. My aim is to create a resource where people can come and find out about different approaches. The intention is to describe as many approaches as I can, rather than to prescribe how things should be done. Each artist needs to find their own path. 


I love working in the theatre because I am always discovering things: new ideas, new people, new ways of making shows. This broad scope can be a drawback because it is so difficult to get started. I hope that by listening to this podcast, you will find others doing what you do, going through what you are going through. 


I am a an artist at the beginning of my career. To the theatre world, this means that I am classified as ‘emerging’. It’s tough to emerge. There isn’t a guidebook on how to do this because there isn’t only one way.


I have created this podcast for 2 groups: as a resource for theatre makers like me, who are trying to emerge; and as a ‘how we do it’ for audiences who want to peek behind the curtain. 

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Geoffrey Williams

Director & Playwright

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